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Recently I've started to notice an increase in the number of radar equipped vehicles along my daily commute (maybe the state needs more money).
Certain events indicated to me that my radar detector wasn't doing the job I thought it was. So after doing a lot of research I decided to try an Escort 8500 X50. It received outstanding reviews and after 2 days with it I can see why!!!! This thing is the best detector I've ever owned and it will be with me in any car I'm operating from this point forward.
If you are looking for a new radar detector the following sites are great resources for comparisons and reviews: Radartest.com and SpeedZones.com

After finding myself in Philadelphia several times I decided that additional protection beyond a radar detector was a good idea.
As a result I uploaded the USA Red Light Camera and Speed Trap Camera database from GPS-Data-Team.com into my portable GPS / Nav system. Now when I approach a location where a Red Light or Speed camera are installed my Nav system will provide a verbal warning. Unlike radar this data is static so it's important to keep a current copy of the database loaded.

If I feel that additional protection / detection is needed in the future a CB Radio & scanner would be good choices.

In case your wondering, I have NOT been stopped or ticketed recently and with these new tools I hope to keep it that way.


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